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We, Warren and Rochelle, live so close to civilization that we can join it in 2 minutes, but so far away that seems like it does not exist. We have an off the grid property that we "retreat" to, away from the pollution of sound, light and contaminants that modern man has come to accept as normal. We maintain an organic garden for 6 months of the year to produce much of our own food. We are not plugged-in to a town supply of water or electricity but have built a water/power system on Swift Creek which runs by our log home. We manage energy and resource independent and keep our carbon footprint (and by that we mean the direct effect our actions and lifestyle have on our environment in terms of CO2 emissions) very low. Sustainable living is what we are all about. We share these concepts and strategies with many people who visit our nature retreat. It is a retreat in the true sense of the word - a retreat into nature. We live in a nature retreat every day.
Have you ever been in an old-growth forest virtually untouched by man? Words cannot describe the feeling I get in such a place; it is a sense of nature's utter power and beauty. I believe we humans have no right to destroy the last remaining original forests of our planet.
~Warren Brubacher~

Retreat Built By an Artisan

Warren has been living on this property since he purchased it in 1995. He built every building and structure by hand. He enhanced and used what Mother Nature supplied to create a sanctuary to enjoy. He lives and breaths the forest with his wife Rochelle.

Swift Creek Artisan

"Mother Nature knows many ways to introduce a twist into the trees of the forest. Every tree has a life story and Warren Brubacher preserves those tales by incorporating flowing timbers into flowing designs -the beauty of nature preserved. "

Mr. Brubacher is a natural-wood artist and has used logs to build homes, benches, lamps, sculptured wood railings in multimillion dollar homes and most recently, community art sculptures. These sculptures have become popular in the last 10 years having been installed in many locations in the Vancouver vicinity and on Vancouver Island. The sculptures are pre-built on his land and then transported to their final destinations. They take approximately 8 weeks to complete with “wild-wood” he has harvested over the past 20 plus years.

"Rescuing Rare Rainforest Treasures"

Mr. Brubacher calls it “wild-wood” because the wood is unique in its structure and usually contains natural knees, artistic swoops and bends sometimes with burls or bumps, yet it is strong, rot resistant and sculpturally attractive. He recovers this wild-wood from newly logged cut blocks. The timber is deemed useless and would other-wise be left behind and burned by the logging industry. Some trees are young wood but some pieces are 500 years old or more. By using this non-merchantable wood, Mr. Brubacher feels a sense of satisfaction being able to preserve remnants of B.C.'s rainforest by incorporating it into his artistic creations.

The second and old-growth cedar is power-washed, air dried and finally sand-blasted for use. This wood is stored and made available to architects, builders, designers and artists who can choose individual pieces from the “wildwood gallery” for their own projects.
  • Accent posts
  • Fireplace mantels and shelves
  • Rustic counter tops and tabletops
  • Railing material
  • Character logs
  • Roots and Burls
  • Landscape Wood Elements
  • Natural knee braces