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We had been eyeing this spot online for a while because it just looks so magical and it did not disappoint. It is SO beautiful – the woodwork, the mountains, the streams surrounding the property, the hot tub, the fire pit – all so great. Plus, warren and Rochelle were so welcoming. Thank you for sharing this place with the world, it is truly amazing. We will be back.

Magical Stay

We had such a fun and lovely time during our stay at Tantalus. Warren and Rochelle have created an amazing wood cabin, it’s very homely and inviting with many thoughtful touches to make the stay comfortable. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day on arrival and snow overnight so we got to see the mountains and surrounds in all their glory. We hope to be back one day (although it’s a long way to go from Australia!!) Sarah and Sam


This was really a fabulous, very restful 3 days to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. The place didn’t disappoint although there were a few things missing that would have made our stay more familiar and like a home away from home…. We realized it was our job to bring these with us, but after a few hours here we noticed their absence. The first was traffic- we could here it in the distance, but search as we could, we were not able to locate it. Next was stress- we looked high and low but strangely it was nowhere to be found and its absence was compounded by the total lack of urgency that we have become so used to that the combination of those 3 left a huge gaping void that could only be filled by substituting REST, WALKING, GOOD FOOD / WINE & SERENITY It was hard for the first 10 minutes and then it was surprisingly easy to slip into this new way of being :-). Thank you for creating such a wonderful getaway place; we hope to be back really soon! S & JP Deep Cove BC

True Bliss

My husband and I loved every second of being here. True Bliss!! L&B Oregon, USA

Skill Passion & Pride Built This Place!

Considerable skill, passion, pride and motivation was required to create the beauty of Tantalus View Retreat. We are thankful for the opportunity to experience it. Your attention to detail and imagination is inspiring. We would love to visit again one day. This was a beautiful introduction to BC for us. Thank you for your caring and warm hospitality. K & S Sydney, Australia

One of a Kind Hideaway

A simply amazing find via an internet search. The chalet exceeded all our expectations and is truly a piece of paradise in the mountains. All the superlatives of serene, peaceful and remote truly define this piece of “off the grid” luxury. We will return for tranquil adventures and exploration. Thank you very much Warren and Rochelle for sharing and providing such a “one of a kind” hideaway. M & G

The Universe Smiles Here

Sometimes when you least expect it, the universe smiles and says, “Here I have a surprise for you!” and you sigh, smile back and say, “Thank you, it’s just what I was looking for.” Coming here is a beautiful reminder that wonder still exists in the world, that there are still moments that take your breath away and stay imprinted on your memorie’s landscape always. Thank You T

Better Than A Dream

On the internet this place looks like a dream. In reality it was far more than that!The chalet was beautiful. The view was spectacular.. But most of all we were touched by your hospitality, warmth and kindness. The hiking trips Warren set out were perfect. All our respect to you, how you approach nature with care and respect. C&N Tiel The Netherlands